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2018 is a special year for Z_GIS, Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg and UNIGIS Salzburg: one highlight follows upon the next. The latest newsletter from UNIGIS Salzburg is focussing on these celebrations and events!

UNIGIS offline: Z_GIS celebrating 30th anniversary
Prof. Strobl, Head of department and UNIGIS Salzburg programme director is discussing the implementation of Z_GIS in comparison with developments in the field of GIS in the past three decades, with a special focus on UNIGIS Distance learning programmes, which have been a key component at Z_GIS for the last 25 years.

Review: AGIT_30
AGIT, the annual GI Conference taking place in Salzburg, has been celebrating its 30th anniversary as well and many participants from academia, research, industry and government authorities took this opportunity to discuss latest developments and best practice solutions in GI Science.

European Cycling Summit Salzburg
The national and international cycling community is going to meet in Salzburg from September 24th to 26th 2018. Z_GIS is organising the European Cycling Summit under the slogan “Cycling culture moves” for the City and Province of Salzburg in cooperation with klimaaktiv mobil and BMVIT.

>>Read the full UNIGIS Salzburg newsletter here

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