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What is UNIGIS?

UNIGIS is a worldwide network of universities cooperating since 1990 in the design and delivery of distance learning in Geographical Information Systems and Science. The UNIGIS network offers Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters programmes. Core course resources are adapted and supplemented with additional materials to support the needs of local students.

Who is UNIGIS?

The UNIGIS International Association is managed by a network comprising of scholars and teachers from all over the world. Meet the UNIGIS team. 

Quality Lifelong Learning in GIS

UNIGIS cooperates with a prestigious network of Technology Partners and Institutions to achieve high academic standards and application-oriented skills within an up-to-date working environment.

GIScience Degree Programs and Professional Development

Members of the UNIGIS network also work together in research and curriculum development activities related to GIS education. Our courses are in continuous development and are currently offered in English, German, Hungarian, Portuguese and Spanish.

UNIGIS is the largest and best-established eLearning GIS programme in the World. Each year we enrol more than 400 students world-wide. We have over 4.000 UNIGIS alumni in more than 40 countries.

UNIGIS is the global, virtual & multilingual network for GIScience!

  • International distance learning programs since 1993
  • Advanced online platforms for flexible learning
  • Modular course structures with elective and summer schools
  • Flexible schedules, intensive tutoring
  • Internationally recognized qualification in GIS


People choose to learn from home for a number of different reasons. Some enjoy the independence, some are homebound, some find it an easier way to balance education and life, and some appreciate the ability to learn at their own pace.
You can access our e-learning environment using any Internet connection, anytime, anywhere. Choose the time and place that works for you! Participate in group discussion, post your exercises and assignments, and review feedback. Much of your course work can be done offline, too.
Far from it. When you enroll, you gain a lifelong community of professionals who have chosen a path of learning and growth.
All assignments are available in your eLearning environment. All activities are clearly organized in the syllabus. You can view all assignments, due dates, and grading criteria to help you plan. You can view and print assignments, discuss them with your colleagues, and ask for feedback from your instructor. The elearning platform also allows you to submit your assignments in a drop box.
One of the greatest strengths of the online learning environment is the opportunity to discuss issues and gain ideas from your instructors and other learners.
Most UNIGIS students have obtained a first qualification in a ‘spatial’ discipline or in a subject serving as a technical foundation for GIS. Typically students have professional experience in a related field and prefer distance education due to ongoing professional, family or social committments.
Pursuing in-service postgraduate education is a major challenge to sustained motivation, time management and dedicated hard work.
UNIGIS alumni become an integral part of a widespread and international network of professionals engaged in various branches in the extensive field of GIS.
Our institutional, business and industry partners support students to meet the demands of the GIS job market through free or discounted learning materials, books and software.