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Meet the UNIGIS International Team

The UNIGIS network benefits from expertise drawn from an international group of over 50 GI-specialists. Meet some of them here and feel free to get in touch.

UNIGIS International Board Members

Prof. Josef Strobl
Prof. Josef StroblPresident
Director of the University of Salzburg Centre for Geoinformatics and the Institute for GIScience, Austrian Academy of Sciences. As founder of the UNIGIS Salzburg programme and coordinator of numerous international projects and initiatives, Prof. Strobl has actively contributed to GIS education for many years.
Gemma Boix
Gemma BoixMarketing Coordinator
Gemma is director of the Geographical Information System Center (SIGTE) at the University of Girona. In 1999, as a geographer, Gemma started her collaboration with GIS projects in the Geography Department at the University of Girona. A few years later, she joined the GIS Center, where she coordinated the educational GIS projects since 2009, specifically the UNIGIS Girona academic coordination projects. In 2009 Gemma became Director of UNIGIS Girona Programme.
Andrea Pödör
Andrea PödörTreasurer
Andrea Pődör is an associate professor at the Óbuda University Alba Regia Technical Faculty Institute of Geoinformatics. Recently she is the director of the institute. She is the programm leader of UNIGIS Hungary since 2014. As a cartographer she has been involved in teaching geovisualisation and GIS since 2008 of UNIGIS Hungary. Her research interest is focusing on crowdsorcing in GIS connetced to noise pollution and subjective fear of crime.
Prof. Jacek Kozak
Prof. Jacek KozakGeneral board member
Professor in geography, head of the Department of GIS, Cartography and Remote Sensing. Prof. Kozak has 20 years of experience in GIS education, both in regular courses and through distance-learning. His particular research interest is land use and land cover change analysis. UNIGIS Kraków staff member since 2003, he co-ordinates UNIGIS study programme at the Jagiellonian University since 2006. Member of national GI associations: Polish Association for Spatial Information and Commission of Geoinformatics, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Niel van Manen
Niel van ManenGeneral board member
Niels is researcher at SPINLab and Team Leader of the Digital Spatial Humanities research team. He is Programme Coordinator of UNIGIS Amsterdam and teaches at the Amsterdam University College.
Niels obtained his MA in Modern History and PGCE in History Teaching at the University of Amsterdam. He completed an MA in Eighteenth Century Studies and a PhD in Medical History at the University of York.
His current research interests include historical GIS, urban risk mapping and Geodesign for urban heritage planning.
Dr. Darren Ruddell
Dr. Darren RuddellGeneral board member
Darren Ruddell is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Southern California’s Spatial Sciences Institute where he teaches and develops curricula in GeoDesign and advanced online programs in Geographic Information Science and Technology. GeoDesign is a forward-thinking, interdisciplinary framework that pairs planning, design and environmental systems with geospatial technologies to explore ways to build a better world. Ruddell earned his Ph.D. from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University, and his research efforts utilize geospatial technologies to investigate and advance issues of urban sustainability.

UNIGIS International Programme Directors and Coordinators

Richard Resl
Richard ReslUNIGIS América Latina
Leo Zurita
Leo ZuritaUNIGIS América Latina
Gemma Boix
Gemma BoixUNIGIS Girona
Rosa Olivella
Rosa OlivellaUNIGIS Girona
Tiago H. Moreira de Oliveira
Tiago H. Moreira de OliveiraUNIGIS International Office Coordinator
Karl Atzmanstorfer
Karl AtzmanstorferUNIGIS Salzburg
Gudrun Wallentin
Gudrun WallentinUNIGIS Salzburg
Christoph Traun
Christoph TraunUNIGIS Salzburg
Prof. Jacek Kozak
Prof. Jacek KozakUNIGIS Poland
Graham Smith
Graham SmithUNIGIS UK
Dr. Mike Wood
Dr. Mike WoodUNIGIS UK
Prof. Henk Scholten
Prof. Henk ScholtenUNIGIS Amsterdam
Niels van Manen
Niels van ManenUNIGIS Amsterdam
Dr. Jasper Dekkers
Dr. Jasper DekkersUNIGIS Amsterdam (UNIGIS International administration)
Marco Painho
Marco PainhoUNIGIS Portugal
Andrea Pödör
Andrea PödörUNIGIS Hungary
Prof. John Wilson
Prof. John WilsonUNIGIS USA
Dr. Darren Ruddell
Dr. Darren RuddellUNIGIS USA