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As an UNIGIS student or alumnus you will benefit from the global UNIGIS community and knowledge base in several ways.

UNIGIS Programmes

Choose the UNIGIS Programme that fits your specialization at the university of your choice.

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UNIGIS Qualifications

Receive an internationally recognised qualification in GIScience.

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Meet UNIGIS team members and alumni, meet current students and learn about UNIGIS programmes!

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UNIGIS U_Lectures

Join in or speak at our online U_Lectures.

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UNIGIS Partner network

Connect to our global partner network.

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UNIGIS Industry partners

Benefit from different GIS software agreements.

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UNIGIS International is managed by a network comprising of scholars and teachers from all over the world.

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UNIGIS Prof. Honorarius & Fellows

A distinction awarded to people for their exceptional role on an international level within UNIGIS.

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Be inspired by other excellent Msc graduates.

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