UNIGIS Girona celebrating its 20th anniversary!

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UNIGIS Girona celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Right from its beginnings, the GIS and Teledetection service (SIGTE http://www.sigte.udg.edu/) of the University of Girona embraced the UNIGIS Girona project, and has made it grow to what it is today. Getting this far has been an adventure in itself, a project of professional growth and personal experiences.

However, UNIGIS Girona has reached the twentieth edition thanks to the contribution of each single person involved in the project:
•    almost 2000 alumni who trusted us and who paved their own way with our master’s degree;
•    tutors of the different modules;
•    contributors who have made possible the proper performance of the educational platform and the adequacy of educational materials;
•    coordinators and directors who put all their effort in making all the pieces work together towards the same quality goal;
•    and, finally, partners who believed in our project by offering us their products or by giving us access to their services.

And last but not least… Without doubt, forming part of the UNIGIS International Association has been key in enabling us to offer these twenty years of online learning programmes. Being part of this worldwide network of universities has allowed us to grow, and become a leader in the field of online training in Geographical Information Systems and Science.

Throughout this time, the online training ecosystem of UNIGIS Girona has completely changed: the technology, the content, the learning platform and the needs of our students, but the essence remains the same, to train our students in the knowledge and management of the latest and most innovative geographic information technologies from a multidisciplinary approach.

We want to congratulate all graduates today contributing to the success of geospatial technologies in our societies!

Josef Strobl, Chair UNIGIS International Association: „UNIGIS Girona from its beginning was a strong partner in the worldwide UNIGIS initiative, always leading with innovative ideas, outstanding design, and excellent support for students! We are looking forward to keep leading geospatial online education jointly with SIGTE, and extend our congratulations to all graduates today contributing to the success of geospatial technologies in our societies!“

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