Making GI/EO professionals ready for the future!

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Making GI/EO professionals ready for the future!

The Earth observation (EO) and Geoinformatics (GI) sector is rapidly evolving due to technological advances, growing collections of open data (e.g. Copernicus), and a broader user base. This evolution requires the adaptation of EO/GI training for matching the skills on demand most useful for the market and society.
EO4GEO is an Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance project, aiming at bridging the skills gap between supply and demand of education and training in the space/geospatial sector and gathering 26 partners from the education/training and space/geospatial sectors. Most of the partners from academia, private and public sector are part of the Copernicus Academy Network. University of Salzburg/Z_GIS is acting as Education and Training Coordinator.

Are you working in the EO and/or GI sector (in a private, public or academic organization)?

Please dedicate your time and expertise and help building the future workforce in the space/geospatial sector. The estimated time required to fill the surveys is 10 minutes each.

Please fill in the workforce demand survey >>

Many thanks in advance!


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