1st place: Tim Hernon – UNIGIS UK

The winner of the Academic Excellence Prize for 2016 is Tim Hernon (UNIGIS UK). His thesis showed a novel approach to extract urban land use data from Volunteered Geographic Information (in this case, OpenStreetMap data), successfully tested and discussed in detail for a case study in Nottingham, UK.

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2nd place: Nathan Novak – UNIGIS USA

The first runner up is Nathan Patrick Novak (UNIGIS USC) who proposed an elaborate modelling of Sperm Whale habitats within the Central Gulf of Alaska, using a range of geospatial data. You can read his thesis here.

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3rd place: Irene Fellner – UNIGIS Salzburg

Irene Fellner (UNIGIS Salzburg) is awarded the third place. In her thesis she presents an innovative way to implement the concept of landmarks in indoor navigation, using a case study at the Vienna University of  Economics and Business Administration campus. You can read her thesis here.

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