“Welcome to UNIGIS” Movie

//“Welcome to UNIGIS” Movie

“Welcome to UNIGIS” Movie

Talking with GIS professionals, academics and UNIGIS students and alumni, the UNIGIS movie wants to introduce the key points about why GIS is important in our society and why GIS professionals are strongly needed nowadays.

The highlights of this movie are: 

  • The key role of GIS in our society. The introduction and implementation of GIS in business organizations and institutions is almost essential because of the added value and knowledge provided. There is a wide range of fields for GIS applications
  • UIA & UNIGIS Programme. UNIGIS is the largest and best-established eLearning GIS programme in the world. Each year we enroll more than 400 students world-wide. We have over 4.000 UNIGIS alumni in more than 40 countries where UNIGIS Programme is offered. Our courses are in continuous development and are currently offered in many different languages.
  • Anytime, anyplace, anyone. Beyond our background there are UNIGIS values such a flexible compatibility with job, family and spare time, innovative use of interactive media, assessment and supported by dedicated tutors.
  • UNIGIS Community. UNIGIS students and alumni become an integral part of a widespread and international network of professionals engaged in various branches in the extensive field of GIS. 
  • Professional needs. The UNIGIS professional approach provides you with the chance to improve your skills and acquire new skills related to the management of geospatial information

Discover the value of UNIGIS Educational programme! Video

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